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  Grassland & Silvipasture Management Division (List of On-Going Project)
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Year 2013 - 2014
Project Code Project Title RPF - 1
GSM 1 Resource Inventory  
GSM 1.15 Management of promising cultivars of Leucaena leucecophala with special reference to seed production RPF-1
GSM 1.16 Grazing system and forage availability in tribal districts of Northern Chhattishgarh RPF-1
GSM 1.17 Evaluation of range legumes of semi arid region for quality forage RPF-1
GSM 1.18 Strengthening and digitization of herbarium fodder value plant RPF-1
GSM 2 Improvement and Management of Degraded Rangelands/ Wastelands and Grazing Management  
GSM 2.9 Diversity of AMF (arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi) associated with grasses and its role in forage production RPF-1
GSM 2.10 Growth and production modeling of selected annual fodder crops 2011-12
GSM 3.14 Productivity of Hardwickia binata based silvopasture systems under moisture conservation practices in rainfed condition RPF - 1
GSM 3.11 Silvipastyure system for round the year top feed and fodder availability RPF - 1
GSM 3.12 Evaluation of shrubs in Hardwickia binata based three tier silvopasture systems under semiarid rainfed situation RPF-1
GSM 4 Sustainable Hortipastoral System for Drylands/ Rangelands/ Wastelands  
GSM 4.12.1 Productivity of aonla based hortipastoral system under different soil and water conservation practices RPF-1
GSM 4.12.2 Establishment of aonla based hortipastoral system with different soil and moisture conservation practices under rainfed situation RPF-1
GSM 4.14 Studies on tree pasture interaction and productivity of guava based Horti-Pastoral System with moisture conservation measures RPF-1
GSM 4.16 Evaluation of tamarind based hortipastoral system in relation to different moisture conservation practices under semi arid condition RPF-1
GSM 4.18 Evaluation of substrate dynamics for integrated nutrient management in bael based hortipastoral system RPF-1
GSM 4.19 Studies on microflora of Bahaunia and aonla based silvi-hortipasture system (2010-2015) RPF-1
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