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  Seed Technology Division (List of On-Going Project)  
Year 2013 - 2014
Project Code Project Title RPF - 1
STR 1.2 Response of Subabul (Leucaena leucocephala) varieties to nutrient management practices for seed production. (Completed in 2013) RPF-1
STR- 3.5 Economics of forage seed production under farmers' participatory research and at organized farms. (Completed in 2013) RPF-1
STR- 3.6 Impact of forage technology on socio- economic development of farmers. (Completed in 2013) RPF-1
STR 3.7 Developing seed standards and enhancing seed production in forages RPF-1
STR 3.8 Low input, eco-friendly short-term storage of forage seeds RPF-1
STR 3.9 STR 3.9 Quality seed production in forage grasses: physiological and biochemical interventions RPF-1
STR 3.9 Biochemical analysis of forage seeds during post harvest storage RPF-1
STR 3.13 Crop management practices for maximizing seed production in cowpea and oat RPF-1
STR 3.14 Chemical weed control in berseem for seed production RPF-1
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